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Nose to Mouth lines

Also known as 'nasolabial' lines and often continue as 'marionette' lines

(lines down form the corner of the mouth which give a sad appearance.) 

The procedure varies from person to person depending on your requirements and the severity of the lines to be treated.

Chin / Jawline

 This treatment area is becoming more popular, as we aim to reduce sagging facial features and restore natural curved facial contours, creating a more pleasing smile and a more rested look, which enhancing facial harmony.


Cheeky augmentation with Dermal Fillers is a quick, walk in, walk out treatment that restores height, definition and fullness to the cheek area. Cheekbones become more defined, the overlying skin looks firmer and often nose to mouth lines or folds are softened.


The chest and neckline are often neglected in our earlier years, and often age prematurely. Whilst Dermal Fillers replace volumeloss our "skin boosters" are specifically designed to hydrate from within and improve the overall skin condition, Skin boosters are designed to restore balance to the nutritional environment of the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Like Dermal Fillers, skin boosters are made from Hyaluronic Acid, and so are effective in improving skin elasticity. If you feel that plunging necklines during the summer months or party season are a no-no, then perhaps you should consider skin booster treatments, to reduce the rough crepey appearance and restore a radiant glow.

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