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BIO RE PEEL C13  is an innovative treatment using the very latest patented technology, using "clean chemistry", it provides a biostimulating,revitalising,and peel like effect, which remaining FREE from sulphates, dyes and artificial fragrances.

Biorepeel will help improve the tone and texture of ALL skin types ( all Fitzpatrick groups )

Futhermore the treatment is suitable for younger skin types who can frequently suffer from acne, recent or fresh scarring, blackheads, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

Where can be it be used?

Biorepeel FND can be used on the face neck or decolletage.

Biorepeel Body can be used anywhere on the body, including hands, legs feet, bottom, stomach and arms - it is a great treatment to revitalise the upper arms which can sometimes be a little dry and have a rough bumpy texture.


How many treatments will I need?

A course of 4-6 treatments is usually recommended, but you will get a very noticable improvement after just one, leaving you with a lovely healthy glow, and skin that is very soft to the touch.

What is in it? Why is it so good?

Biorepeel contains 4 ACTIVE functional complexes. The ingredients are activated just prior to placing on the skin.

In a nutshell,the contents and the benefits they confer include :-


Glycine-an amino acid found in collagen,it has moisturising properties.

Proline-an amino acid which support the elasticising properties of collagen.

Hydroxyproline-this helps to activate fibroblasts to improve collagen production.

Vitamin C - a powerful antioxidant needed for collagen synthesis.


GABA- or gamma aminobutyric acid, is another amino acid needed for collagen synthesis. It has good anti wrinkle properties.

Arginine - this amino acid improves localised blood flow, and floods growth factors into the area treated. This has a direct influance on collagen, elastin and keratin synthesis.


TCA - or trichloroacetic acid,has a direct deep exfoliating action, it also stimulates growth factors.

Lactobionic acid - protects ths skin from chrono and photo aging.

Salicyclic acid - has a strong bacteriostatic action, and helps to reduce the size of enlarged pores and sebum production, thus easing acne symptoms.

Tartaric acid - is effective against dry inelastic skin, blackheads and acne.

Citric acid - has regenerating and astringent effects, which help reduce large pore size.


Squalane and Isopropyl myristrate have excellent moisturisng properties and helps with skin elasticity


What does the treatment involve?  

All traces of make up should first be removed.

Skin to be treated is cleansed with a gentle antibacterial/antiviral agent.

The bottle of BIOREPEEL is activated,and the gel type solution is drawn up and applied in a thin layer to the area to be treated.

It is massaged gently until it becomes tacky.

The peel reaches the deeper dermal layer, but due to the biphasic lipid layer,the discomfort is MINIMAL.

A mild tingling may or may not be felt.

The peel is left on the skin for around 5 minutes, before being gently removed with clinical gauze.

A light layer of medical grade hyaluronic acid moisturisng cream,is applied ( or if patient/client prefers a mask can be used ).

Finally client can relax under the LED therapy light for up to 20 mins.


Quick, Painless, Instant results

Zero frost effect ( so NOT aggressive)

Does NOT contain ammonia

NO injections

Suitable for ALL ages ( over 18's only)

Suitable for ALL Fitzpatrick skin types

Does not cause photosensitivity

It can be used once before a special occasion,for a visible skin boost.


Skin revitalisation,to improve skin tone and texture.

Post acne scarring,acne (no open lesions)

Enlarged pores

Oily skin

Can improve skin pigmentation.


x1 BIOREPEEL ( proceedure cream and LED light)  - £75.00


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