DOES IT HURT ?

Although the thought of sliding a surgical blade across your face is a scary one,it is NOT painful at all.

                                        IS THERE ANY DOWNTIME ?

      NO - you may or may not experience a little redness,but this is temporary.IT is best to allow your skin to breathe for a few hours before appling any make up.

                                          FOR AN XXXTRA GLOW..........

If requested a medical grade pure hyaluronic acid mask can be applied  to the face,while the client relaxes under an LED light for 20 mins. This capitalises on the extra absorbtion  you will experience immediately after a dermaplaning treatment.

                                WILL MY HAIR GROW BACK THICKER ?

      NO - it will grow back at the same texture and speed. It may feel a little different initially,as the microscopic hairs,have all been cut straight across horizontally.


I advise diligent use of SPF in any skincare product if you are going to expose yourself to sunlight.

We should all wear SPF daily.



                 X1 Dermaplaning treatment.     £45      30 mins

with addition of mask and LED therapy     £65       60 mins

Dermaplaning is one of the most effective treatments to target "dullness' of the skin,fine lines and wrinkles and breakouts.

It does not just remove the 'peach fuzz',but also the microscopic upper layers of dead skin cells,where germs can reside and blocked pores persist.

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that involves a medically qualified aesthetician gently scraping the surface of the skin with a surgical blade.


The results vary for everyone,but typically you can expect to see,smoother skin,zero peach fuzz(till it grows back),and brighter healthier looking skin.

Since you are removing the barrier of dead skin cells,your skincare products will be able to penetrate your skin more effectively,and your foundation will appear more flawless.

                                                  CAN I HAVE IT ?

Dermaplaning is suitable for ALL skin types,especially those with sun damage,fine lines,dry patches and dull skin.


Dermaplaning would not be suitable for you if you have highly sensitive skin,eg. rosacea or keratosis pilaris.

                            WILL DERMAPLANING CAUSE BREAKOUTS ?

          NO    -      Quite the opposite.

A build up of dead skin can clog your pores and hair follicles,which can lead to pimples.

The exfoliation a good dermaplaning treatment provides will encourage an even healthy skin glow.

If you have an existing breakout,it is best to wait till it subsides.

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