Drug and Syringe

Peri-oral Rejuvenation

Lips are at the forefront of our mind without even knowing. 

When we first meet someone, (sometimes without even realising it) we look at their mouth......at their lips.

Our lips convey warmth and receptivity.

Lips and Perioral

There are many different techniques available to create your perfect pout , and may invoke needles or  cannula or a combination of both.

After a thorough consultation , to assess you needs and aims , a treatment plan can be implemented , which may involve any of the following :-  4mm technique - for a very natural look , great as we get older Heart lips - especially for a pouty natural looking lower lip Russian lips - for a full pot LIP Flip - (only £50 ) a great technique if you are unsure if you would like to try fillers, or if you want to boost your existing pout, between lip filler sessions.


Marionette lines ( downturned mouth )

Can be treated with a combination of dermal filler &/or toxin


Jawline fillers

Jawline fillers help to give a sharper line which helps to disguise the appearance of jowls.


Chin fillers

To elongate or protrude

We only use the best products at Burbage Aesthetics to enhance lip shape, texture and long lasting softness.

We offer a tailored, customised lip filler treatment experience at Burbage Aesthetics to emulate the beautiful looking lips of your desired look.

Peri-oral Rejuvenation - Burbage Aesthetics

Drug and Syringe


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