Protect your skin from the Beast from the East!

It's not just the cold we need to protect ourselves from, it's the effect this weather can have our skin that lasts even longer and can't be fixed with a hot water bottle!

Beast from the East

During the cold winter months, the low humidity dries out our skin and strips it of its natural oils. Unfortunately as the years go by our skin doesn't find it as easy to produce our natural protective oils and our hands and lips suffer the worst.

If the BEAST FROM THE EAST is really as bad as the media are suggesting we could see even worse effects from the weather. Prolonged contact with snow, cold weather, or high-velocity winds can also cause ice burns. When you get an ice burn, the water in the cells of your skin freezes. It forms sharp ice crystals, which can damage the structure of your skin cells.

So what can we do to help you with the beast?

We now offer a range of revolutionary skincare products!

These are great as stand alone products and also the perfect complement to facial aesthetic procedures. Our products concentrate on the hydration of skin. The products form a porous breathable mesh rather than a skin barrier to trap water like some moisturisers do.

Why not take a look at what we now offer or contact us for more information.

Keep warm and stay safe from the BEAST!