What makes you proud to be English?

england flag

We live in a beautiful place but what makes you grateful of this wonderful land that we call home?

1) Afternoon tea


A quintessential past time of us all, who does't love a sandwich and a cream tea! The question is does your scone rhyme with gone or throne?

2) The Royal Family

royal family

There's nothing that brings the country together more than a Royal wedding or a new Royal baby!

3) Fish and Chips

fish and chips

We all love a chippy tea but do you go for mushy peas, curry sauce or gravy?

4) Morris Dancing

morris dancing

Because.... have you seen the outfits!

5) The Beatles

the beatles

We made them, they're ours, we claim them!

6) Shakespeare


We are blessed to call him a fellow Brit.

7) Sarcasm


Have you ever tried to go a day without sarcasm. It's sooooo difficult!

8) Wimbledon


Sun, Tennis and Pimms, what's not to love?

9) Full English Breakfast

full english

There's no greater cure for a hangover......so I've been told!

10) Apologising


"Oh I'm so sorry that my body got in the way of your bag that you just hit me with" Also saying "You're welcome" when someone walks through a door you're holding open for them *See number 7

11) Sir David Attenborough

david attenborough

An absolute living legend!


world cup

Come on England, we are all behind you!!!! Bring it home lads!