10 Cool things about me!

1. I’m a Scouser​ I love the city of Liverpool,and i’m a proud liverpudlian. I love the fact that the girls make no apology for taking most of the day to get ready for a big night out! If you dont enjoy a night on the town in this fabulous city, you only have yourself to blame!

2. Hairdresser​ When I was little, my best friend, Tricia,and I wanted to be hairdressers. I think Tricia did indeed go on to fulfill her childhood ambition, my dreams changed though, at one point I wanted to be an air hostess or a pilot!

3. Stevenson’s Rocket When I was 7 I painted a picture of ’the Rocket (a steam train running between Manchester and Liverpool). It won a competition, and the design was put onto a stamp!

4. Leisure Centre When I was 11, we moved to Burbage. I remember my brother, sister and I all being really impressed with the old leisure centre (sadly no longer standing). I joined the gymnastics club, and the penguins swimming club. Who else remembers the old rolladisco on a Sat night, and then Bubbles a few years later?

5. Glasses I was a painfully shy awkward teenager. I was so uncool and a complete nerd in every sense of the word. I would stutter and stammer if I had to speak in class. I used to hide behind my glasses, I even continued wearing them for over a year when the optician told me I didn't need them anymore.

6. Bunjee I've always been a bit of a tom-boy /dare devil. I have swam with sharks and done a bunjee jump. Later this year I am doing a charity skydive.

7. Flying Dentist In my early twenties I was fortunate enough to work with the flying dentists,in the Northern Territory, Australia. I feel very privileged to have been allowed to visit places,deep in the aboriginal heartland, that few people get to see. I shared a room with a lovely lady, whose life work was to screen for a disease she hoped she would never ever encounter, leprosy.

8. ASDA My husband, Graham, and I first met when we were still at school and both working part-time at Asda! We met again, years later, at a nightclub in HTC called Bonds. At that time I was living and working in a hospital in Staffordshire, and he was playing rugby and still working full-time in insurance.

9. Ancestry I love history and want to find out more about our ancestry. My family tree dates back to the spanish armada landings on the west coast of Ireland, whereas Graham’s dates back to the vikings! (he is very proud of his viking dna).

10. Family Family is everything. We have 3 beautiful, happy healthy children,whom we couldnt be more proud of. And not one of them was born weighing under 10 pounds!

Hope you've enjoyed hearing a little bit about me, I realise that during our appointment time we tend to focus solely on the treatment. Look forward to seeing you all very soon. Please Contact Me for more information on my products.

love Nicky x

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