What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning Burbage Hinckley

Dermaplaning is a skincare treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellum hair. A small sterile surgical blade is swept gently across the skin while it is held taut. The blade is used on clean dry skin on the forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and upper neck. You can expect to see an instant improvement in skin tone and texture, while the long term effects are increased cell turnover, fewer wrinkles and dark spots, reduction of acne scarring, and the removal of fine facial hair. After dermaplaning, skincare products and treatments perform much more effectively since hey can penetrate the skin more efficiently.

Can I have this treatment?

Dermaplaning is recommended for all skin types except those with active breakouts and those with thick facial hair. It is necessary to wait until acne breakouts have healed before trying this treatment. As always, always discuss any allergies or skin sensitivities beforehand.

How is dermaplaning different from a peel?

Dermaplaning Burbage Hinckley

Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation process that does not use acids or enzymes to remove dead skin cells. All of the exfoliation is achieved during the treatment and you will not peel or visibly she’d skin after your treatment, whereas peels can result in peeling several days later.

Dermaplaning provides a good alternative to peels for those who desire a professional exfoliation without the potential social downtime.

What should I expect?

Dermaplaning is a painless treatment that includes deep cleansing, professional exfoliation, and finished with skin care suited to individual needs.

How long is the treatment?

Standard dermaplaning treatment, around 30 minutes.

Cost £40

Deluxe dermaplaning treatment ( to include Led therapy and a mask ), 60 minutes.

Cost £60

Can also be used in conjunction with a BIOREPEEL treatment. 75mins.

Cost £100

What should I expect after my treatment?

Dermaplaning Burbage Hinckley

You will immediately look more radiant, with a more even skin tone and texture. While the main objective of the treatment is deep exfoliation, the removal of the fine vellum hair gives the added benefit of leaving the skin exceptionally smooth and soft.

Skin care products are better able to penetrate the skin, which allows them to work more effectively.

Any make up application will appear more flawless ( it is a great treatment before a special occasion ).

Immediately afterwards your skin will be more sensitive to sun exposure, and I will apply a heliocare sunscreen to your face before you leave the clinic, and advise you continue this.

Will my hair grow back thicker and stronger?

No. Dermaplaning will not alter your natural hair growth.

Recommended course for optimal treatments?

Dermaplaning removes 21days worth of dead skin cells, so it is best to allow your skin to complete its rejuvenation cycle before your next treatment.

4-6 weekly

Although dermaplaning is an ideal “one off “ treatment before a special occasion.


Benefits of dermaplaning

* leaves skin feeling super soft and smooth

* immediately improves skin tone and texture

* removes 3-4 weeks of dead skin cells in one session ( 3x more than microdermabrasion )

* removes all vellum hair / peach fuzz (can you imagine how much fake tan gets clogged up in it ! Eurrrggh!)

* increases the absorption of topical skincare products, and thus their effectiveness.

* creates a perfect base for flawless make up application.

* boosts results of other aesthetic treatments ,eg, peels , treatment masks etc.

* it is a safe and effective more of exfoliation - it is suitable for pregnant and breast feeding mothers.


Thank you for reading, for more information please contact me.