Maskne - What is it?

Maskne is a recently coined term relating to the increase in acne type skin concerns associated with the wearing of masks.

Face coverings, such as masks are playing a vital role in the fight against

the transmission of COVID-19 , however there is increasing concern

over the detrimental effects on our skin health.

A healthy skin should provide an impermeable barrier, which not only

protects us from outside aggressors (eg.bacteria etc), but also helps

maintain good internal skin hydration.

With the continuing need for us to wear masks for long periods of time,

and the resultant friction induced, there is evidence to suggest that this

may cause tiny micro tears in the skin, and a “breach” in our vital skin


These micro tears allow the ingress of micro organisms and bacteria

etc, into the skin, which can lead to infection. Furthermore, the

reduction in airflow, exacerbated by mask wearing, will also act to

prevent us from naturally ‘shedding’ our skin cells, again leading to a

greater build up of dirt,oil, and bacteria. This is causing many people to

have noticeable ‘acne breakouts’ and pimples.

Top tips to help combat Maskne

1. Wash your mask. ( or wear a disposable one). The CDC (centre for

disease control and prevention),recommend washing your mask

after EVERY use, to minimise the bacterial load.

2. Wash your face , AM and PM. Ensure you have an especially thorough

evening routine to gently remove ALL of the days build up before you

go to bed.

3. Mask size. - ensure it covers your nose and mouth, and that it is

neither too loose or too tight, to avoid any unnecessary friction.

4. Mask material. - soft natural materials like cotten or silk are better

than synthetic materials.

5. Skincare routine. - give your skin a fighting chance ! Remember to

use a non comedogenic ( not pore blocking ) moisturiser, and avoid

using heavy make up, which will just clog your pores even more.

In addition to comprehensive home care, professional medical grade

treatments can help.....

Maybe consider dermaplaning, and a course of BioREpeel treatments.

The LED dermalux light ( on the blue setting ) will target and kill acne

causing bacteria, and of course the skinpen microneedling device is

ready and waiting to get to work on any post acne scarring, or


Hang in there folks 2021 is just around the corner!

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Love Nicky x