Sexual Dymorphism

Sexual dymorphism is a term which encompasses the differences in appearance between males and females of the same species, such as shape, size and structure.

As an aesthetic doctor, ( or nurse ), it is vital to have an appreciation of this fundamental

principle, in order to avoid masculisation of a female face.

Recent trends for sharper angles and a strong jawline , have pushed these boundaries too far in some cases.

In a quest for sharp line angles,and a strong jawline, some celebrities have gone too far, resulting in harsh lateralisation of facial features, resulting in a masculine appearance.

Woman have curves and men have angles!

Cheek fillers are a fabulous treatment to consider, in order to restore lost volume, and subtlety beautify the face. With careful placement they often improve the appearance of the tear trough (under eye) hollows and the nasolabial ( nose to mouth ) lines as well.

Chin filler is a fabulous tool to employ when wanting to balance the profile, soften the marionette ( downturned ) mouth lines, and to help disguise jowls.

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