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BioREpeel and deluxe dermaplaning

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BioREpeel c13 is an innovative treatment using patented technology. It provides a bio stimulating, revitalising peel like effect.

It offers CLEAN CHEMISTRY, it is free from sulphites, dyes and artificial fragrances,and is free from ammonia.

Due to its rich combination of active ingredients, a BioREpeel will help to improve the tone and texture of ALL skin types. Furthermore, the treatment is suitable for younger skin,during acute stages of acne,blackheads, and with recent or fresh scarring, as well as treating fine lines and wrinkles.

It is a very gentle treatment,with zero frost effect, and no pain. You will not end up looking like a breaded ham !

You will not require anaesthesia or pain relief.

It is suitable for All ages ( over 18years).

It is suitable for ALL Fitzpatrick skin types.

BioREpeel technology can treat the face ,neck and décolletage, aswell as the body, eg backs of hands,and upper arms.

A course of 4-6 treatments is usually recommended, but a noticeable improvement will be seen after just one.

It can be used in combination with a deluxe dermaplaning facial treatment ( the best form of exfoliation around atm), for optimal results.

The usual cost of BioREpeel, and deluxe dermaplaning facial ( which includes a medical grade hyaluronic acid mask and a LED session ) is £100, but I am running a special offer of just £70 throughout October.

So go on treat yourself,rid yourself of dead skin cells, blocked pores,and kickstart your skin revitalisation, allowing your skincare products to work more optimally.

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