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SPORTS Gum Shields

A gum shield or mouthguard is is a flexible appliance which is worn during sporting and recreational activities in order to protect the teeth from trauma.

The dental profession, unanimously supports their routine use.

Custom made gum shields offer the best form of protection,as the impression/mould taken by the dentist will allow the construction of a gumshield which will fit over your teeth exactly (unlike the shop bought ones).

Gumshields are only worn to protect the top teeth,as this is the best way to protect the soft tissues of your tongue,lips,and cheek lining.They help to cushion any blow or trauma to the face,which minimises the risk of broken teeth,and soft tissue injuries.

They work by absorbing and distributing the force of an impact.


SPORTS Gum Shields - Burbage Aesthetics

Female white toothy smile


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